Shamcey Supsup and John Gabriel Pelias, make UP proud!

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The University of the Philippines is proudly my alma mater – as well as Shamcey Supsup, crowned Binibing Pilipinas Universe for 2011 and John Gabriel Pelias, this year’s summa cum laude with the highest grade point average to date. Supsup, 24, has a degree in Architecture while Pelias, 19, graduated with a grade weighted average (GWA) of 1.016 from the Department of Mathematics – both from the University of the Philippines Diliman.

Thankfully, someone who definitely deserves the title. Man, this girl is a magna cum laude, she’s gorgeous and she has that smoldering look to boot. She’s the total package. Wait ’til we get rumors that she’s a lesbian or that she posed nude somewhere (doubting one’s nationality was already done last year with Venus Raj, sorry).

“Pelias gets to graduate summa cum laude despite being one of UP’s poorest scholars. His family income is less than P80,000 per year so he receives subsidy from UP on top of his tuition scholarship. For several semesters, his scholarship money supported his family. To save up on costs, he walked to school instead of commuting.” – Source: GMA NEWS

Compared to most UP students, I won’t even be in the ranks of being called “studious” or an “achiever”. I rarely get a flat 1, even from general education subjects, so I give props to fellow students who are “laudes” and still be cool.

I’m not surprised if we get a lot of people vying for a slot to study in UP next year. So, freshmen, be thankful and hold on to that spot. As we say in Diliman: the easiest thing is getting in, the hardest is getting out alive. Congratulations, Shamcey and John Gabriel, I’m sure you’ll make bring the Philippines pride – it’s one thing we should admit we don’t really have.


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10. April 2011 by Faith Salazar
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  • lav

    and shamcey is a board topnotcher! *faints*

    • Faith Salazar

      I forgot to mention that one! Woohoo! Now I want to be represented by THAT kind of Filipina! Thanks, Lav!

  • swexie

    Shamcey is perfectly fit to bag the crown!

    • Faith Salazar

      Hi Swexie. Thanks for your comment. She definitely is! Let’s hope she brings home the bacon. :)

  • Vicentina Lumpay

    you deserve the crown.. ate mercy and kuya tim is blessed to have you as their daughter.. Sail on.. bring home the miss universe crown.. God bless!!

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