My Valentine Affair with Xerex Xaviera

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My Valentine’s Day was spent at a quaint little bookstore in UP Village, Quezon City, excited to meet the man behind the stories of Xerex Xaviera. Some people my age wouldn’t know who he is – unless they read local tabloids regularly or if they’re a fan of erotic stories. I’m neither, sorry! I wrote some short stories, some sexual in nature, for both the tabloid I used to work for and for personal consumption. Erotic literature has an art to it. It might make you sick, turn you on or leave an unforgettable impression – I know Xerex accomplished all.

I recorded the first few minutes of Xerex Xaviera while he talked about how he started writing for Abante, how the one-man column turned to three and how they would get hundreds of letters in a week. “JL” (you can do your own research if you’re really interested) started writing for the local tabloid at 21. Being unemployed, he grabbed the opportunity to write for one of the more famous tabloids and inspired the name from one of Playboy’s columnists.

Sorry for the lousy resolution, I used my camphone to record this.

He divulged that he was translating Our Bodies, Ourselves by the Boston’s Women’s Collective into his column when he didn’t get letters and wisecracked that Gabriela burned his stories. JL was asked if men sent him thank-you letters and he retorted that Filipino men thought they were good in bed and were used to the “pasok-bukaka-tapos-na” technique.

When asked about the most memorable letter he received, he talked about the story of a 19 year old teenage girl who only met his father 5 years before writing to Xerex. She said they were sweet to each other and at 14, it was normal for her to sit on her father’s lap. We all know what happened next. After three years of incestuous relationship at home, she wanted to go to the city to study for college. She thought she was going to get away from her father’s abusive behavior, but it was her mother who insisted that she take her dad along with her. While she was writing the letter, she was living with her father as his wife. They have three children.

They say writing about sex encourages abusive behavior. Well, I say writing about it helps the victims cry wolf, instead of sitting in a dark corner, always afraid of the wolf and the society that would judge them.


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21. February 2011 by Faith Salazar
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