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The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) organized an Open Mic Night inspired by Pecha Kucha. PechaKucha Nights are informal and fun gatherings where creative people get together and share their ideas, works, thoughts, holiday snaps – just about anything (from What is Pecha Kucha?). It is held all over the world and here in Manila, the first one was held at Craft Bar at the Fort Strip with more than 250 people in attendance. Fifteen speakers were given seven minutes each to talk about what they love – social media, diving, their chosen advocacy, design – even their own love story! Like a box of chocolates, Good PechaKucha presentations are the ones that uncover the unexpected, unexpected talent, unexpected ideas (from What is Pecha Kucha?). And that’s what exactly happened.

Jayvee Fernandez, tech editor and gadget bug, set the bar high as the first speaker. His talk on what we can see in 10 feet below our seas, with photo after photo of the rare underwater creatures he personally took pictures of, was concise and enlightening. Jay Jaboneta, social media firestarter, sparked change through social media to fund the Yellow Boats of Hope project. They helped the kids who used to swim to school in Zamboanga by building boats for them – and recently, they were able to build a school for 1,000 USD. Its inspiring what 45,000Php can do! While Andre Yap from Ripple100 uses real stories for branding and marketing. In the next talk, Chay Saputil shared why people climb Mt. Everest – “because it’s there.” I’m sort of a mountaineer myself and people ask me why I climb mountains. Mountains are hard to climb and you’d have to give it full effort – just the way I like it when it comes to anything and everything I do. Anna Oposa, Environmental Empress, ended the first session with her tale on how she started an offline and online battle (Save the Seas) and that man is the environment’s biggest threat and also its biggest hope. The Philippines is really worth diving for!

Globe’s social media manager, Coy Caballes, started the second part of the night with his career on social media and how being a good storyteller trumps efforts on being an internet viral (and I complete agree, Mr. Caballes). Designer Brian Tenorio applied the “seduction strategy” in both design and marketing that had the crowd spellbound for a while. Luckily, they all got out of their haze when Groupon CEO and yoyo enthusiast Patrick Cuartero talked about being compelling and relevant in the world of marketing. I really loved how Ricky Bazais of Nestle wowed everyone about “convincing your boss to go digital” – referring to digital as the Michael Jackson, who was ignored by his family but we obviously know what happened after, of Marketing.  Visual artist Nasser Lubay definitely convinced me to get one of his art as a tattoo after he talked about what inspired him as an artist.

Ernie Lopez of ABS-CBN Publishing began the third part by showing us the latest innovations in digital publishing and how the Filipino can be world-class. TV5’s Head of Digital Carlo Ople surprisingly veers away from talking about digital marketing and married his love story and his digital legacy in 20 sweet photos with his wife. “Lunchtime is the new primetime” – Third Domingo concludes after seeing so many people on the web before breaks. He also said that although updates on social media are sent to hundreds of people, these updates are still on a personal level and usually communicated for one person. Niccolo Cosme was a bit rowdy, thanks to the free booze, but that got people’s attention when he talked about the red whistle project and combating AIDS in the Philippines. While Jim Paredez talked about the rise and fall of OPM and how world class Filipino artists should stop mimicking other people and start being truly Filipino. Too bad Aileen Apollo of Google wasn’t able to do her talk due to technical problems – she’s currently in Singapore for work.

It was great night for both marketers and people who just wanna learn something new. After attending the Manila Pecha Kucha night, I was compelled to put on my thinking cap for the weekend and ponder on the lessons these unique and equally amazing individuals shared with us. I can’t wait for the next one. Congratulations, IMMAP, the speakers and everyone who attended!


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13. November 2011 by Faith Salazar
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