Going Dark: Prague in Makati

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Hello overworked and underpaid person,

You’re probably here because you’re looking for the next bar to go to this Friday or the next.

Did you know that Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world? I didn’t even know that until I read about how beer was made in Czech Republic – it’s a piece of trivia that makes you curious about how they make their liquor. You might have heard about the more famous beers made from Czech Republic - Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser Budvar.

I let myself be dragged by my long-time friend and colleague to a watering hole in the most unlikely place in Makati – right beside the Makati Municipal Hall. Bravo Sports Bar boasts the best of Prague and even has it’s own micro-brewery (trivia: they used to supply beer for Grappa’s). I was told to avoid ordering the local beers and try out their specialty. They brew Privo Praha in Classic, Dark, Czech Light, and Weizen for around Php75 per bottle. It’s best to order each variety when you come with a group – but if you know what kind of beer you like, get it in pitchers.

I particularly liked Privo Praha Dark, thus this post’s title.

They even let you take it home with their Party Pack beer. Also, I don’t know who’s crotch that is at the back.

If you love meat with your beer, I recommend you order their Czech specialty plates. Order the samplers either Plate #1 or Plate #2 – but I personally recommend the Tlacenca, a Slovak pressed pork meat made of pork head, pork elbow and brisket meat.

Plate #2 is their Hunter’s Platter made of Pork knuckles, Kielbasa sausages (loved these!) and Tlacenca, served with onions. I never knew onions could be so delicious.

This is a great place to unwind, as it’s devoid of annoying and drunk people, and I consider it one of Makati’s best kept secrets. Best to keep it between ourselves, eh?

Remember, DRINK, don’t drive.

Also, sorry for the crappy photos, I was happily drunk when I took these. :)


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21. October 2013 by Faith Salazar
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  • http://beyondeternal.com Euri

    Sarap naman ng chibog! :D

  • Peter Juan

    Uh… That would be my crotch in the photo above. Also yes, we really should find some time to go back to Bravo soon.

  • Marc

    Highly recommended for an alternate “Draft” beers :)

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