Dying Young: Goodbye, AJ Perez

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Today at 12:20 AM, AJ Perez died because of multiple head injuries after his car got hit by a bus in Tarlac. The young actor did a show in Dagupan, Pangasinan for the annual Bangus Festival. He’s 18. [source: Yahoo! News]

His last tweet is:

On the way home already from Dagupan.Long drive ahead.. Thanks to everybody who watched…On the way home already from Dagupan.Long drive ahead.. Thanks to everybody who watched…

I seldom like young celebrities, especially after interviewing and getting exposed to a lot of them back in my showbiz hosting days. Skip to 2:01 to watch AJ Perez’ answering our stupid questions.

Yes, he said he loved me. Hee.

I liked AJ, even on a superficial level. He has amazing bone structure, down-to-earth and likeable during interviews and he’s a pretty good actor, especially if you’ve seen him on Sabel, an afternoon soap in ABS-CBN. I really liked this guy and genuinely thought that he would make it big in the industry.

I’m especially saddened that he didn’t get to go to college. He’s an incoming college freshman and was excited to study at DLSU from his tweets. He had his whole life ahead of him – a college experience, a new film and a ton of fans. Man, it really makes me wanna strangle people who have been wasting their lives in front of a television or skipping school to do drugs. I’m not saying that they should have been the ones killed instead of AJ – I’m saying “Come on, people, time to get up and do something worthwhile.”

Right now, I’m just living life, waiting for payday Friday or planning three-day vacations. Have I reached my full potential? No. Will I ever reach it? I’m not sure. All I know is that we’re given so much time. This incident is a grim reminder that we don’t know when our time is up.

Love and prayers for AJ

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17. April 2011 by Faith Salazar
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  • Menggie

    OMG! Patay na siya?

    • http://www.tanggera.com Faith Salazar

      Korek, siya lang ang namatay dun sa passengers. :/

    • Dinah17_forever


  • http://www.micamyx.com Micamyx

    Nakakapanghinayang nga :( saw him thrice at sa lahat ng incidents na yun ang nakangiti siya palagi. Walang ere. Sana tumino yung mga kasabayan niya :| RIP AJ

    • http://www.facebook.com/faithsalazar Faith Salazar

      Oo nga eh, sino bang sumikat don sa Gigger boys? Parang siya lang ang standout sa group na yon eh. I miss showbiz. Magpodcast na nga tayo. Hahaha! Mga kickout ng Parazzi. :D

      • http://www.micamyx.com Micamyx

        Si Enchong Dee hehe :P Sige, podcast tayo soon :P

  • Dinah17_forever

    we will miz u aj we love you so much,,

  • Dinah17_forever

    sana yung mga krimenal nalang ang namatay,..d nalang c aj..sayang talaga..marami pa sana siyang magagawa sa mundo..

    • http://www.facebook.com/faithsalazar Faith Salazar

      True. So sad talaga. :(

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