Cloudfone Ice: the Affordable Android Phone

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Globe, one of the biggest telcos in the Philippines, has come up with one of the most affordable, if not the most affordable, Android phone in the market – the Cloudfone Ice. With over 190 million devices (and counting) running on the Android operating system, more and more users are starting to appreciate the wonders of a smart device. Thanks to Globe, owning a smartphone that runs on Android won’t cost a pretty penny.

“The CloudFone Ice is another revolutionary offer from Globe. At a price that’s so easy on the wallets of our Filipino mobile phone users, this is indeed one great deal to respond to the increasing demand for more affordable smartphones,” said Joanna Africa, Head of Globe Portfolio Management. “Gone are the days when mobile access to various sources of information and entertainment via the World Wide Web is only limited to the more expensive smartphones. With the CloudFone Ice, users can access Facebook, Twitter, Google, and their favorite e-mail and chat sites in a snap without having to spend too much.”

For P4,990 with a prepaid kit, almost everyone can now appreciate the benefits of a full mobile web experience. The Cloudfone Ice comes with a 3.2” full touchscreen display (320×480 pixels) running on Android 2.1, can run on both WiFi 802.11 and 3G/HSDPA, Bluetooth, GPS, FM Radio and a 3.15MP camera with up to 32GB storage via microSD card.

I’ve personally used the Cloudfone Ice for about less than a month and I’m happy with this little bugger’s performance for its price. For less than P5,000, I couldn’t believe I can actually get this much from a smartphone.

Look and Feel

It comes in black hard plastic – so no smudges at the back of your phone when your fingers are oily. Like a Blackberry, you can navigate through your messages with its trackball without touching the screen – a very nifty feature if you don’t wanna touch the screen. There are four buttons including two dialers, which can make calling easier. For its price, this phone has a really good display, in comparison with other entry-level Android phones. It looks quite boxy though and its probably not for someone who’s looking for a much sleeker and feminine design. Though, with the right customization, any Android device can reflect its user’s personality.

The Experience

I use this phone everyday and it surprisingly replaced my iPhone for my social media and basic internet needs – like checking my e-mails, reading my Facebook news feed or updating my Twitter account. It is not as responsive as the iPhone and you have to put in more pressure on the screen for typing and swiping between your dashboard.

The Ugly

If you want a gaming phone, don’t get the Cloudfone Ice. Although it is pre-installed with a lot of games, this phone just can’t handle it. Like most entry-level smartphones, the internal memory is less than 300MB and you’d need to move your applications to your SD card. Some applications though, like Facebook and Twitter, can only run when its stored on your phone, so it would really take up a lot of space.

Yay or Nay?

The Cloudfone Ice is really really worth the price. If you’re a non-smartphone user, a full mobile web experience will be at your fingertips for a mere P5,000. It even comes free with the 800 Php Postpaid Plan for Globe. Instead of buying a more expensive device, you can allocate your funds to a data plan, which will make your mobile experience richer. This phone is a no-nonsense device and can do anything a smartphone can – send e-mails, create documents and spreadsheets and organize your calendar. I highly recommend it for gifting to college students or young professionals, who can’t afford a high-end smartphone yet.

This review was also published in Good Morning Philippines, a local broadsheet by Times Chronicle, last November 1, 2011.


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01. November 2011 by Faith Salazar
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  • Aranda_Bay

    “Like most entry-level smartphones, the internal memory is less than 300MB and you’d need to move your applications to your SD card.”

    Really? You can run applications on your SD card on an Android 2.1 phone?

    • Faith Salazar

      I have this already running on 2.2.

  • joshua eclar

    good specification. . 

    • Faith Salazar

      It sure does! :) Thanks for leaving a comment.

  • john mejia

    is it available in any globe store?

    • Faith Salazar

      Hi. It should be available on any Globe store. :)

  • rycortes

    how much the battery replacement?

    • Faith Salazar

      Hello. I’m not sure, better ask Globe directly.

  • John Michael Angelo

    What could be the requirements for Globe 800 Pesos Postpaid plan if you are a college student

    • Faith Salazar

      Hi! I applied for a plan recently and I think you need someone else to enroll you like your parents if you don’t have documents that prove your financial capacity (like a credit card bill).

  • Momar D. Sagang

    Which is better? Cloudfone ice or Samsung Galaxy Y? I’m quite confuse what to buy.

    • Faith Salazar

      Hi Momar! If you like to play mobile games like Angry Birds, get the Samsung Galaxy Y because it can handle those types of applications. It can also run on SmartNet. But if you’re particular with the look of your screen, go with the Cloudfone. :)

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  • Jeremy

    “It is not as responsive as the iPhone and you have to put in more pressure on the screen for typing and swiping between your dashboard.” You already wrote the words for me.
    This is another “sucky” China-branded phone. I have tried these devices particularly from MyPhone and it really sucks in performance. If one can afford to by a decent Android phone, I think that paying for a decent plan would not be a problem. If Android phones are to be, then HTC it is.

    • Faith Salazar

      Hi. That’s exactly why its a budget phone. If HTC sells a phone for less than P5,000, then we would all be using Android.

  • Ezekieljoshuapante

    wow, this cellphone is really beautiful just see you next time uglies

  • Lawsi_sunken

    wer is tthe cloudfone service center if theres is any problem with the phone

  • Geoff

    android 2.1 cant move applications to the sd card.

  • guest

    Can the keypads of the phone be adjusted to a non-qwerty type? :)

  • Jaja_pagaddu

    is cloudfone ice a dual sim?

  • Dame_fame28

    i used to have samsung galaxy y..and the cam which is 2.0mp sucks and even the games/apps forse close..i switch to cloudfone ice and so far its really more better than galaxy y.

  • Jaime

    Is this good for playing music also? Are the speakers good? Cuz I would like a phone that can play music well but be functional at the same time

  • Sabrinaoden

    i cannot find the menu icon in my cloudfone ice…help

  • Febrette Anne Abarquez Quiñano

    where can i find applications for cloudfone ice, like the themes,? and how can i put in my phone when i’m using computer?

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