A Blackberry for Christmas?

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I currently have three mobile phones – one running on iOS and two running on Android. I have never used a Blackberry my entire life. Although, here’s a bit of trivia – my first smartphone was a Treo 650 which has Palm OS and my second one was a Dopod. I’m really into typing with a physical keyboard because you don’t have to look at the keys all the time while typing. Hell, I can even cross the street and hold a conversation while texting with a candybar phone. While it is great to have a phone with a tactile keypad, I wasn’t really that convinced that I’d get the full smartphone experience with a Blackberry, unlike with the iPhone.

They kinda look alike, noh?

I like texting, chatting, sending e-mails, replying to Facebook statuses and other stuff with heavy typing on my phone – and believe me, it can be a bit challenging with a touchscreen. I’m constantly checking my email on-the-go, getting my news from Twitter and gossiping on Facebook.

You must be thinking – what can make me switch?

No, I don't wanna get a Blackberry because of Gerald Anderson. If you're throwing him in with 
the plan, it's negotiable.

Well, I wanna try out a Blackberry because of Globe’s Christmas Blackberry offering. They’re giving out a free Blackberry 8520 for the P599 plan inclusive of BBM, Twitter, Facebook, Email and unlimited mobile surfing.

There are a lot of good plans out there bundled with better phones but, man, where can you get a package that includes unlimited mobile surfing for just 600 freakin’ bucks? Although I’m not too hot with the Blackberry 8520, mainly because it’s one of the older models, I can easily sell it, give it away then buy a new Blackberry. All other unlimited mobile surfing plans from other telcos are priced significantly higher.

Since I have already three lines (one of them’s on Sun postpaid), I just need one mobile phone for online social stuff (I actually just play games on my iPhone). I can do unlimited talk and text already on Sun but I don’t have a decent line for mobile internet. While I’m writing this post, I’m convincing myself to go to Globe tomorrow and get myself a P599 plan, no brainer. I’m sure you think this promo is pretty exciting and awesome too (duh this is not even a good marketing copy) – I’m really excited about finally getting an affordable data plan. If you’ve been thinking about getting a mobile internet plan, make up your mind because this offer is only until December 31, 2011.

Okay, I’m getting one tomorrow. I’m just hoping I get another Blackberry for this post. *wink wink*


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20. December 2011 by Faith Salazar
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  • Anonymous

    Go lang ng go!  Just got mine two weeks ago.  Hihi

    • http://www.tanggera.com Faith Salazar

      Cool! :) I’m enjoying mine so far! Yehey!

  • Jang

    did u get one? how was your experience with it so far?

    • http://www.tanggera.com Faith Salazar

      Hi Jang, I got a 599 plan and with a free Blackberry 8520. But the 8520 is too low end for me so I sold it and got a Blackberry Bold 9780. I’m loving it so far. :)

  • Lunaire

    hi guys! may I know the requirements they ask to avail this promo and if it’s still on going? thanks!

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